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How to remove cesarean scar naturally

In addition to a normal give birth, there is caesarian operation. Health reasons are often the background of why women choose to give birth by caesarean way. In addition to the recovery process is longer than a normal give birth, it also leaving cesarean section scar. Well, if you are still dizzy ...Read More

Know deeper into your skin

Intro Your skin is the biggest and among the most crucial body organs of your physical body which does some essential features such as security, hydration, feeling and temperature requirement. The inner framework of your skin, nevertheless, is even much more fascinating. Let’s discover several of the primary architectural functions of your ...Read More

All about hazelnut

Hazelnut shaped like macadamia nuts. It is very rich in oil, so there are some shampoo products utilize content of this oil to nourish and care for the beauty of hair. Some are using it as a soap in the form of pasta. Of course, pecan soap is not recommended for those ...Read More

How to care your towel

Hygiene towel directly affect your health. Because every day it is used at least twice a day, and in direct contact with the skin, so you should pay more attention to it’s maintenance and cleanliness. Here are some tips about care towel: Towels shall be laundered once a week to keep them ...Read More

How to be 10 years younger

Operations, technology, chemicals, is it the way to keep healthy and look younger? Some people think that they will help you become a youthful look, well may be, but at least they support only a maximum of 5 years to help give a younger look. The ability to offer a warranty is ...Read More

The causes of body odor

You have taken bath, and even scrubs. You also already apply body lotion that it’s fragrance will last for days. In addition, you also have used deodorant that powerful to withstand sweat. About clothing, you already replace it even up to two times a day. However, why do you still suffer body ...Read More

Watch your deodorant

Antiperspirants product usually contain aluminum and zirconium, and that content very harmful to your body. Don Colbert, M.D. in one of his books “WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW MAY BE KILLING YOU” explained that the aluminum is closely related to Alzheimer’s disease. So, now if you use deodorants or antiperspirants, then you ...Read More

Tips on sensitive teeth

Ice cream, one of the favorites menu of us. Diverse taste, sweet and tender that it melted in the mouth slowly. Not to mention if there are extra chocolate or almonds, raisins and pieces, it is so tasty. However, if for some delicious ice cream make your teeth ache and staying up ...Read More

Watch your shampoo

In addition to diligently wash the hair, put on natural ingredients, and cream bath, one way to love your hair and scalp is to pay attention to the content of the shampoo that you use. Not many of us are looking at whether the products we use are safe or not. Most ...Read More

The Causes of yellow teeth

Actually what causes teeth to yellow? There are several factors that cause this as below: Age As we get older, the teeth will be dark. In old age the body productivity to absorb nutrients and vitamins decreases. Therefore, the calcium that is absorbed by body become more slight. Yet we know that ...Read More