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The causes of baldness in men

The biological causes of baldness on a man has been found. These findings are expected to maximize the treatment to stop the baldness. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that a protein called prostaglandins as the cause of baldness. It is found in the cells of hair on ...Read More

How to care nails naturally

Have a nice and beautiful nails will make the hands or feet become more beautiful, and this will affect your appearance. This time we will give you some tips to polish your nails to look more beautiful and healthy as the following : Aloe Vera Aloe vera has many benefits, besides good ...Read More

Tips on prevent from acne naturally

Acne, although small but very annoying and can eliminate our confidence. To get rid of acne is not as easy as we imagine. Here we will discuss about how to get rid of acne naturally: Wash your face 3 times a day Wash your face 3 times a day using a mild ...Read More

The Causes of yellow teeth

Actually what causes teeth to yellow? There are several factors that cause this as below: Age As we get older, the teeth will be dark. In old age the body productivity to absorb nutrients and vitamins decreases. Therefore, the calcium that is absorbed by body become more slight. Yet we know that ...Read More

How to care your towel

Hygiene towel directly affect your health. Because every day it is used at least twice a day, and in direct contact with the skin, so you should pay more attention to it’s maintenance and cleanliness. Here are some tips about care towel: Towels shall be laundered once a week to keep them ...Read More

7 ways to keep teeth healthy

Even though does not eat and drink more than 12 hours, it is not a guaranteed that your teeth and your mouth will stay healthy. There are several things to keep your teeth and mouth healthy during fasting : A. Brush your teeth immediately after the meal before you went back to ...Read More

All about hazelnut

Hazelnut shaped like macadamia nuts. It is very rich in oil, so there are some shampoo products utilize content of this oil to nourish and care for the beauty of hair. Some are using it as a soap in the form of pasta. Of course, pecan soap is not recommended for those ...Read More

How to avoided acne in the summer

In the summer, our bodies will easily got acne. Then how is the solution to make skin and body remained smooth in the summer? Bathe regularly Don’t forget to take a bath at least three times a day. This will prevent bacteria from entering the pores and cause acne. In hot weather, ...Read More

The part of body that need sunscreen

After we have discussed about tips to choosing sunblock, now we will discuss about where the part of our body that we should protect using sunscreen. Sunscreen does not only smeared on those areas of the body that is visible, such as the arms and back, but also There are some parts ...Read More

Natural Oils for Hair Health

Many people spend a lot of money to do the hair care in salon. Besides, they also buy a wide range of treatment products to solve a variety of hair problems. Actually there are more ways we can do for treating hair with little money, by using natural ingredients. As reported by ...Read More