Cheating man can quickly died

Be careful for the guy who likes having an affair,because you risk to dead sooner. The researchers cautioned that the man who cheat their wives have an increased risk of sudden death from a heart attack during sex.

This is because they often have sex with younger women that need extra pressure. It emerges from a report published by the American Heart Association that examines whether patients with heart problems can continue their sex life after treatment, as reported the Daily Mail.

A team of scientists led by Professor Glenn Levine from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston revealed that the autopsy report from nearly 6000 cases of sudden death are 0.6 percent occurred during sex. Up to 93 percent of those who died during sex allegedly have sex not with his wife.

A report published in the journal Circulation says sex is important things that should be considered in all patients get heart disease. However some of them feel uncomfortable talking about it, said Professor Levine.

“Sexual activity is the cause of 1 percent of all heart attacks,” he said. As for Viagra and other drugs for erectile dysfunction are generally safe for men with stable heart disease.

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