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Watch and carefull with following symtoms

Do not underestimate the pain that you feel, always be aware of the symptoms that you are experiencing in your daily life, such as below : Headache Head throbbing, migraine and seemed struck with a hammer often experienced by women. Whether because of PMS, too long in the sun, or appear suddenly. ...Read More

Estrogen can prevent breast cancer recurrence

Very low dose of estrogen might help women who has breast cancer recurrence after treatment. Even if the treatment is intended to prevent estrogen from being tumors, the researchers say, after years of therapy, the body may need to eliminate all of the hormones. Their findings, published in the Journal of the ...Read More

Some facts about hearth disease

Below are some facts about heart disease : Trivial symptoms. Like in the movies, most heart attacks stems from the symptoms that seem trivial, such as pain in the chest, sometimes accompanied by fainting. It is true. So, do not underestimate the chest pain that is coming. Patients experience different attacks. Do ...Read More

The Causes of Infertility

The cause of infertility can be derived from the wife, husband or both. The following can cause infertility : Disturbances in sexual relationships eg imperfect penetration into the vagina, impotence, precocious ejaculation, vaginismus, premature failure, and anatomic abnormalities such as hypospadias, epispadia, Peyronie’s disease. Disorders in men Less sperm count, sperm movement ...Read More

The Causes of yellow teeth

Actually what causes teeth to yellow? There are several factors that cause this as below: Age As we get older, the teeth will be dark. In old age the body productivity to absorb nutrients and vitamins decreases. Therefore, the calcium that is absorbed by body become more slight. Yet we know that ...Read More

Diabetes can damage DNA sperm

Man who suffering from diabetes can damage the DNA contained in their sperm, “which result in men fertility rates and the health of their childs” said a researcher at Queen’s University, Belfast as was quoted from scienceagogo.com. Compared with the quality of DNA in men suffering from diabetes and not, found that ...Read More

The relationship of migraine and low sexual passion

For women who often have complaints of migraine, it’s good not to underestimate it. A study concludes that women with migraine, have a tendency to lack sexual passion. Research conducted at the University of Pavia, Italy, involving 100 women, with an average age of 40 years and are currently undergoing maintenance headaches ...Read More

What is Displasia Bronkopulmoner

Displasia Bronkopulmoner is injury to the lungs due to high concentrations of oxygen therapy and use of a ventilator. The disease is more often found in premature babies. THE CAUSES Displasia Bronkopulmoner occurs in babies who got the ventilator and a high concentration of oxygen therapy in the long time. Granting of ...Read More

Seven professions which harm the lungs

Lung disease is one of the types threaten diseases. Not only it is derived from the unhealthy lifestyle, but can also as a result from the type of work. Here are seven types of jobs that are dangerous to the lungs : Construction: This work often inhale dust from the building. Such ...Read More

Recognize the symptoms of Measles

Measles is a viral disease that is highly contagious. it can lead to serious complications, including inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) and respiratory or ear infection . Because of widespread vaccination, measles cases has gone down in some countries. But still many people do not realize that there are a number of ...Read More