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HIV Is Like Computer Virus And Early Detection Is The Way To Stop It From Spreading

The HIV virus acts like Internet malware, spreading through bodies utilizing a two-pronged approach, a new research study discloses. Like its electronic equivalent, early treatment is vital in lowering the damage done from an attack, scientists determined. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) spreads through the blood stream along with straight between cells. ...Read More

Scientists determine antibodies to fight Marburg virus

Antibodies have been found to bind to the surface of the virus, which could result in future antibody treatments and vaccines to target Marburg and other viruses in the family. Marburg virus is up to 90 % deadly. Much like the Ebola virus, it can cause hemorrhaging and organ failure. An outbreak ...Read More

Individuals with ADHD are ‘twice as most likely to die too soon than those without the condition’.

People detected with ADHD are twice as most likely to pass away too soon than people without the condition, according to new research. Those detected as grownups were more than 4 times as most likely to die early compared with those without ADHD at the exact same age – while kids identified ...Read More

Swine flu cases rise in UP, Rajasthan and Gujarat; toll near 1,000

With 33 brand-new swine flu cases emerging because Thursday, the total variety of H1N1 patients in Uttar Pradesh on Friday climbed to 359, authorities said. Swine flu claimed 39 more lives countrywide on Thursday as the death toll reached closer to the 1000 mark while the variety of people impacted with the ...Read More

Revealed, The Causes of Baby Prickly Sweat

Prickly sweat is a rash that can develop after people sweat more than usual, while the clogged sweat glands. This often occurs in infants and children because their sweat glands are not fully developed. The Causes of Baby Prickly Sweat Prickly heat causes a rash of small red spots that itch and ...Read More

Recognize The Early Symptoms And How To Prevent Pneumonia

Life in the city is often very difficult, because the air pollution everywhere. Not only polluting fumes, but also smoke and industrial pollution exacerbate existing air quality around you. This is necessary because this may increase your risk of developing pneumonia. Pnumonia, based on www.everydayhealth.com, is one infection that causes inflammation in ...Read More

Cataracts, symptom, causes and natural herbal

Cataract is a disease that is cloudy or foggy eye. A healthy eye is usually clear. If the eyes are cloudy, the light path is inhibited and the lens can not focus.Cataract generally arise on Advanced age hardening of the lens due to the inevitable, without any pain or discomfort. Affects more ...Read More

How to Fighting Depression Naturally

Depression can heal itself. It even this has also been proven by a study. Depression is associated with changes in the amount of serotonin and other connective nerve. They are responsible for organizing a feeling of calm. The fall in the level of serotonin and others, it can interfere with mental response. ...Read More

The fact about smoking risks

If you are still not sure about the risk of smoking now, these are more facts about smoking: Fact 1: Smoking makes your skin look older around 10-20 years Fact 2: Increase in facial wrinkles (up to 3 fold), especially around the eyes and mouth Fact 3: Make your skin turn into ...Read More

What is the importance of liver

The body has 4 media expenditures that can remove toxins through sweat, feces, urine, CO2 and also many ways can be used to activate it by exercise, heat, etc. However, the amount of toxins and chemicals that poison the body were so much so that the body’s natural detox systems are often ...Read More