Habits that cause male got sperm Unfair



Habits that cause male got sperm Unfair

Many people do not understand how to determine the characteristics of healthy sperm. However, you can see the signs of a man who has a habit and good physical appearance.

As reported by the Boldsky on Wednesday (10/01/2014), there are several types of men likely to have unhealthy sperm. .

The visual signs of healthy sperm usually not owned by these kind of males


The habit of smoking reduces sperm count and affect the DNA carried by the semen.

Have potbelly

Abdominal fat is proven to suppress the testicles and hormones to interfere with the distribution of organs in the lower abdomen. This condition can create unhealthy sperm.

Often wear tights

Too often wearing tight pants is not good for the skin and the amount of sperm. Tight underwear can heat scrotum (testicle sac, where the production of sperm) which can kill sperm.


They are who often riding motorcycle hours can heatt scrotum. The heat can kill sperm because they can not stand the extreme temperatures.

Often saving HP in pants

Radiation from cell phones can reduce sperm count and damage DNA inside.

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