How To Prevent Cervical Cancer



Cervical cancer is one of deadly cancer diseases. But the obstetrics and gynecologist specialist doctor at RS Premier Jatinegara, Dr. Indrawati Dardiri Sp OG said that it could be prevented early by performing various steps and efforts.

“One is don’t often having sexual intercourse with different partners,” said Dr. Indrawati in seminar entitled ‘Kanker Serviks dan Kesehatan Reproduksi Wanita’ in RS Premier Jatinegara, Saturday (5/5).

In a seminar that aims to disseminate knowledge on health especially in cervical cancer, Dr Indrawati explains, do not having sexual intercourse at an early age can also prevent cervical cancer. “In addition, it’s needed to maintain the health of the body, perform routine pap smears and stop the habit of smoking,” he said.

Another thing that could be done, he said, is to increase the consumption of green and old yellow coloring vegetables that contain beta carotene, vitamins C and E as well as conducting a vaccination to prevent virus infection.

He explained, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) cervical cancer is ranked as the top among the various types of cancer which causes of death in women in the world. “WHO also mentioned that Indonesia is a country that has the highest number of cases of cervical cancer in the world,” he said.

Every year, he added, is detected more than 15 thousand cervical cancer in Indonesia with about 8000 cases of which ends with death. Meanwhile, reproductive health, says Dr. Indrawati, is important for any woman that has entered the age of primarily sexual maturity.

“Organ of femininity is a vulnerable part exposed to various health disorders, therefore it should be maintained properly,” she said.

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