How to Prevent Flies From Entering Your Home



Who is willing to see the flies drop by our food. Moreover, it is well-known winged animal spent in landfills. Various methods are taken so that the flies away like putting glue flies or hit him with a broom stick.

You can try a simple trick so that the flies away and your health was awake. The fly does not have the teeth or jaws. The fly was wet the solid surface with vomit, then they pump it again and sometimes issue a gag from the old food. This proves the flies so dirty.

Flies associated with many diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. Therefore, you should keep the flies off.

When compared with some other animals, the flies were more difficult than you might imagine. Evolution makes flies have very good eyesight and the ability to fly in trouble.

Here are some tips on How to Prevent Flies From Entering Your Home as reported Boldsky:

Find the source

Flies love the dirty, damp, garbage, and rotten. Look around your home and neighborhood. Are there areas that attract flies or maggots thrive? Compost from waste, landfills, or storage area can be a prime suspect. These areas should be cleaned or closed if possible.

Do not let

More difficult to cast flies into the house. Try closing the glass and doors in your home to prevent flies from entering. Or if you do not want to sacrifice the sunshine and fresh air, try to put screen on your doors and windows.


Flies love the dirty-dirty and attracted by the sweet and fetid. Clean all surfaces and make sure they are not sticky because of spills or food particles. Make sure trash in the bag attached and enclosed trash.

Close all food

Cleanliness is very important to keep the flies off. Closing the food not only protect from flies, but also from microorganisms and oxidation. Flies attracted to ripe fruit, so try to use these foods covered. In addition, the especially meat.


Conventional chemical sprays effective, but is also toxic. Herbs are the natural defenses of the flies. One trick to make the flies away and is recommended by experts are basil and keep it near the door, where the flies come in. Some people mention essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, effective to repel flies.


There are many clever tricks to make fly away, some are sophisticated. One of the trying is the flypaper glue paper with a sweet scent that flies trapped. There are also flyswatters, both using electric or non-electric.

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