How to train your brain

How to train your brain

How to train your brain

Here we will learn how to keep the brain sharp.


Maybe when in the school not many of us like Mathematics. However, according to research by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, author of “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN MORE”, as quoted from, even simple arithmetic activity could activate more brain function than other activities.

So, either when you’re counting the amount of money spent for shopping or when help children resolve math homework, then it is actually you are training the brain.

Cognitive activities

Cognitive activities such as playing cards, chess, crossword, brain games, logic games, memory games, or other games that require high concentrations are also able to train the brain. In addition, the act of writing and reading aloud also been shown to improve brain function.

Hand exercises

The brain can also be sharpened by hand exercises. If you always use the right hand, then sometimes you need to try the move with your left hand, such as writing, goods lift, pull out, and others.

Learning a language

One way that can sharpen brain is learn a foreign language. Nothing wrong with enrich yourself by learning from other regions or countries. Besides fun, the brain was also healthy.