Is Snoring lead to fat?

Is Snoring lead to fat

Is Snoring lead to fat

The scientists observed that people who snore burn about 2000 calories, while those who do not snore only burn 1600 calories while sleeping.

Is this good?

Of course not! Even if they are burn more calories, but this is only done during sleep. Whereas in other activities, they usually burn calories much smaller value than the one who doesn’t snore.

Why is that?

The scientific reason is, those who snore have a tendency of difficult breathing during sleep and poor sleep quality, compared to those without snoring. When sleep quality disturbed, the next day activity will be disrupted. The resulting energy is smaller, because the muscles are not relaxed and less rest. They will automatically be lazy and reluctant to perform activities that require a lot of energy.

As a result, those who snore do not really like exercising or moving. Then fat and calories piled so that people who snore are more likely to get fat.

So if you have a problem with ‘snoring’ immediately consult with your doctor, before they become things that threaten your health.