Keep Awake without coffee



For coffee lovers, it feel less if starting day without a cup of hot coffee. Besides as a hobby, one of the biggest reasons a lot of people drink coffee generally is to maintain vigilance and prevent from sleepiness.

But keep in mind, even though caffeine offers many benefits, this one also has some negative side effects. The consumption of coffee regularly have a relationship with the risk of severe hypertension and irregular heart rate.

Coffee isn’t the only way you can stay alert and awake. How come? Follow a few simple tips here :

split the meals
a research published in the American Dietetic Association found that eat in little portions throughout the day can help increase energy by providing vitamins and minerals for the body. Therefore, the researchers suggested to split the food to ease the process of digestion and to smooth the discharge of blood glucose levels. Research published in the British Medical Journal recommends to eat in small portions routinely every day. This is intended to ensure the maintenance of cholesterol level in normal amounts.

avoid excessive meat consumption:
did you know that when you consume the meat, actually you spend more energy in the digest food? Yes, this is mainly because the meat has a very high protein and relatively high fat which is difficult to digest. In addition, the presence of certain hormones and pesticides in meat can also affect your energy levels. But this does not mean that you should not eat meat completely. The most important is eat meat in a balanced and appropriate portion.

avoid excessive sugar consumption
to overcome the fatigue in the afternoon and stay energetic, it is crucial to avoid sugar. Lunch hour is a period in which our body has very low blood sugar levels. Typically, this is the time to feel very hungry and need extra food as energy and we often resolve this by eating foods that are sweet. Preferably, try to control the consumption of eating sugary foods, it will cause your energy levels decrease.

consume grains
most of us think that the vigilance can be got instantaneously with coffee and other caffeinated products. But remember, the vigilance could not be felt in a long time and if it’s missing, the body will be more fatigued. At this time, the grain products can help us. Food products is beneficial especially in maintaining vigilance throughout the day.

Drink enough water
more than 2/3 of human body is made up of water. In addition, we need the water to perform all primary functions such as regulating body temperature and relieve constipation. Experts are recommending to drink 8 glasses of water per day. You can also get additional liquid food in the form of milk.

Eat fruits when stomach empty
take the apples or oranges when hungry can be a great way to ward off drowsiness and get a quick energy boost. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume more fruit than a coffee when you are sleepy.

Consume food with low glikemik
food with low glikemik index like vegetables, whole grains and some fruits are good to prevent any form of sluggishness in the morning. Rather than devouring products caffeine to keep you awake, you should start a healthy diet with eating more food with low glikemik index in small numbers before going to bed.

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