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Herbal recipe for increasing appetite on child

Prescription : Ingredients : 1 leaf of Jatropha coconut oil telon oil How to process : clean the leaves of Jatropha warm briefly on the lid of the pot apply coconut oil on the leaves and twisted How to used : apply telon oil on the child navel paste Jatropha leaf on ...Read More

herbal recipe for asthma

Prescription : Ingredients : Ten cloves of garlic 1 cup of honey How to process : grated garlic then steamed along with honey How to used : Give the child as much as 1 teaspoon, twice a day ...Read More

Herbal recipes for diarrhea

Prescription : Ingredients : 1/2 finger turmeric 7 guava leaf 2 cups water salt 1/4 teaspoon How to process : clean the turmeric,  baked, then cut into pieces boil that turmeric, guava leaves and salt over low heat How to used : Drink the boiled water, 1 teaspoon once an hour To expel ...Read More

The benefits of betel leaves

  This time Health Tips will discuss about the efficacy and benefits of Betel Leaves. Betel leaf contain a lot of substances, they are fly oil (betlephenol), sesquiterpenes, starch, diatase, sugar, tannin and kavikol which have the power to kill germs, antioxidants and fungicides and anti-fungal. Beside for health the active phenol ...Read More

The benefits of bay leaf for health

Bay leaf sometimes used as a condiment in various cuisine. The sensation of scents, not only able to make the favors more delicious, but also provide benefits for digestive health. It is well-known by experts as a herbal alternative medicine for diarrhea beside what we have discussed on herbal recipe for diarrhea. ...Read More

Herbal recipe for sprue

Prescription : Ingredients : a ripe tomato a little sugar How to process : pour tomatoes with hot water and peel the skin Puree the tomatoes with a spoon strain and add a little sugar on it How to used : Drinks tomato juice to the patients ...Read More

Herbal prescription to treat vomiting

Prescription : Ingredients : 1/2 teaspoon coriander 3 pieces of cardamom 5 pieces of black anise half glass of water How to process : Boil these ingredients together How to used : Wait until the cold Drinks to the patient a little, as often as possible, approximately every 2 hours   Alternatively, ...Read More

Herbal recipes for cold

Prescription : Ingredients : red onion to taste eucalyptus oil rice and kaempferia galanga beverage How to process : grated the onion How to used : Rub the nape and crown with eucalyptus oil Put grated onion on the nape and crown drink hot beverages such as rice and kaempferia galanga beverage ...Read More

herbal recipe for poisoned

Prescription : Ingredients : green coconut How to process : How to used : drink green coconut water 3 times a day, each drink 1/4 cup. ...Read More

The benefits of lily flowers

Lily which has the Latin name Lilium candidum is known since ancient Greece. Lily was originally grown in the plains of the Mediterranean and western Asia. Then it is developed in the area of ​​agriculture. Flowers that bloom in May have a lot of benefits. Here are some benefits of Lily: Help ...Read More