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The benefits of lily flowers

Lily which has the Latin name Lilium candidum is known since ancient Greece. Lily was originally grown in the plains of the Mediterranean and western Asia. Then it is developed in the area of ​​agriculture. Flowers that bloom in May have a lot of benefits. Here are some benefits of Lily: Help ...Read More

The benefits of betel leaves

  This time Health Tips will discuss about the efficacy and benefits of Betel Leaves. Betel leaf contain a lot of substances, they are fly oil (betlephenol), sesquiterpenes, starch, diatase, sugar, tannin and kavikol which have the power to kill germs, antioxidants and fungicides and anti-fungal. Beside for health the active phenol ...Read More

The benefits of bay leaf for health

Bay leaf sometimes used as a condiment in various cuisine. The sensation of scents, not only able to make the favors more delicious, but also provide benefits for digestive health. It is well-known by experts as a herbal alternative medicine for diarrhea beside what we have discussed on herbal recipe for diarrhea. ...Read More

The Benefits Of Olive Oil

We have discussed about olive oil in previous posting. One of them is that it can make healthy fried food. In addition to be used for food that can trigger your appetite, olive oil have much benefits for health. The following are the benefits of olive oil : It contains unsaturated fats, ...Read More

herbal recipe for poisoned

Prescription : Ingredients : green coconut How to process : How to used : drink green coconut water 3 times a day, each drink 1/4 cup. ...Read More

herbal recipe for Bleeding wounds

Prescription : Ingredients : guava leaves How to process : Wash guava leaves knead it How to used : stick it to the wound ...Read More

herbal recipe for asthma

Prescription : Ingredients : Ten cloves of garlic 1 cup of honey How to process : grated garlic then steamed along with honey How to used : Give the child as much as 1 teaspoon, twice a day ...Read More

Herbal recipe for nosebleed

Prescription : Ingredients : 1 leaf of Betel 1/2 thumbs tuber lote 1 cup hot water A little honey How to process : wash out the betel leaf, then twisted and stuffed into the nose wash lote leaves and grate with 1 cup of hot water and then filtered How to used ...Read More

Herbal recipe for toothache

Prescription : Ingredients : a garlic a pinch of salt How to process : grated a garlic add a pinch of salt How to used : stopper it into the hollow tooth ...Read More

Herbal recipe to treat bump due to collision

Prescription : Ingredients : 1 tablespoon rice kaempferia galanga to taste a pinch of salt How to process : soak the rice mashed with kaempferia galanga and give a little salt until smooth How to used : After a smooth, paste it into the lump ...Read More