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The recipe of black cumin for healthy

You may have often about Habbatussauda or black cumin. These natural ingredients that are widely available in stores has a myriad of health benefits. Generally, cumin is used as a condiment and food preservative. However, for health, cumin helpful to eliminate bacteria, cholesterol and destroy cancer cells. Here’s another benefit of black ...Read More

How to make kakap asam pedas

Kakap asam pedas a.k.a sour snapper is a kind of delicious food. Here is the recipes of sour snapper Ingredients : Snapper, 1 kg, wash, clean Red pepper, 150 grams, mashed Onions, 10 pieces Garlic, 10 pieces Large tomato, 2 pieces Hazelnut, 5 pieces Turmeric, 3 cm Ginger, 3 cm Kandis Acid ...Read More

A series of Herb to Maintain a Healthy Digestive System

Maintain a healthy digestive system is essential, as it will prevent various diseases in other organs. Typically, to maintain the health of the digestive system by eating fruits and vegetables, but natural herbs can help. Some natural herbs are believed to contain compounds that will help maintain the health of your digestive ...Read More

Five Useful Spices for Health

You may often find these medicinal plants around the house or even in your kitchen. Unfortunately, there are not many health benefits that you may know from such plants. Here are some benefits and how to make herbal ingredients of these plants. Serai Plants are often used to fragrance enhancer is efficacious ...Read More

Prickly Pear Extract Review: The Benefits and Product

Prickly Pear fruit water extract contains antioxidant and diuretic properties. Prickly Pear  is 100% natural and clinically tested. It can be incorporated into your dietary supplements for weight loss and antioxidant protection. Main Benefits Weight loss action Diuretic, detoxifying Strengthenned antioxidant protection Active contents Betalains (natural pigment from this particular fruit) Including ...Read More

Some flowers that can be eat and make healthy

There are some types of flowers that it is not only unsightly, but also has delicious taste. Not only savory, their contents also have lots of health benefits. What are they : Broccoli This flowers is a vegetable that rich in vitamin A, calcium, potassium, iron and selenium. The content of isotiosianat, ...Read More

Swallow nests to Eliminate Frigidity

Frigidity is a sexual disorder in women when satisfaction can not be achieved. To overcome this, the herbal concoction of swallow nest can be a solution. Nest wallet can be tried by women who want to overcome the difficulties in sexual arousal fishing. Here is how the presentation of the herb for ...Read More

How to make pepes udang

There are many benefits of pepes udang. In addition delicious and easy to make, it has a high nutritional value. It is very delicious when served as a lunch with warm rice. Here are recipes and instructions on how to make pepes udang : Pepes udang ingredients : 1/2 pounds wet shrimp, ...Read More