Signs of healthy body

Signs of healthy body

Signs of healthy body

Signs of a Healthy Body. Sometimes we need to know whether we are healthy or not. Easily, we can know it from the sign of our body. The following are the signs of healthy body.
Signs of healthy face skin:

  • Smooth and soft skin
  • Chewy and moist.
  • The pores are not too big
  • Controlled oil face

Signs of Healthy Hair:

  • Clean scalp, no itching
  • Free dandruff/other skin infections
  • Healthy hair shaft, strong and thick enough
  • Hair become radiant and easy to set up
  • Hair loss in normal range (

Sign of healthy skin:

  • Moist and chewy, smooth without wrinkles
  • Smooth and not scaly
  • cellulite-free
  • Skin color Natural and uneven

Signs of a healthy body:

  • Proportional body between the height and weight
  • Cellulite-free
  • The surface of the skin clean, smooth, and colors bright evenly

Signs of healthy nails

  • Clean, and the color is pink
  • sparkling
  • Not easily broken
  • Free of bacterial and fungal infections
  • Free from ingrowing nail