Skin Disease Types



There are lots of Skin Disease that can strike us. There are lot functions of skin, In addition to the defense against bacterial or virus attack, the skin also serves to maintain body temperature to remain stable and the tools to remove certain impurities.
Disorders of the skin often occur due to various factors, such as weather, environment, unhealthy living habits, allergies, and others.
The following are skin diseases that often occur:

Eczema (dermatitis).
Symptoms : excessive itching of the skin, flushed skin, scaly and cracked, small bubbles containing water or pus.

Objects : Hand, leg, groin and ears.
Eczema is divided into two, dry and wet eczema. On wet eczema, sufferer will feel the excessive heat and cold on the skin.

Causes :
allergies to certain chemicals such as found in detergents, soap, medicines and cosmetics.
allergic to certain foods such as shrimp, fish, eggs, chicken meat, alcohol, and others.
allergic to plant pollen, dust, or climate.

Treatment :
eliminate the itching of the skin using a moisturizing cream. It is better used when skin is still slightly wet, like after a shower.
Use ointment or cream containing corticosteroids such as hydrokortison. Another drug that can be used is an antihistamine to relieve itching.
The last, you can use cyclosporin for patients who do not respond to any type of treatment given.