Some facts about hearth disease

Some facts about hearth disease

Some facts about hearth disease

Below are some facts about heart disease :

Trivial symptoms.

Like in the movies, most heart attacks stems from the symptoms that seem trivial, such as pain in the chest, sometimes accompanied by fainting. It is true. So, do not underestimate the chest pain that is coming.

Patients experience different attacks.

Do not assume that chest pain alone is a sign that you’re having an attack. When men or women often feel pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back area, neck, jaw, or stomach, then will usually get shorter breathing. In addition, in women the symptoms can be nausea and vomiting, accompanied by pain in the back and jaw area, while men do not experience it.

Time is critical.

If you think that you may be under attack, do not wait more than 5 minutes. Immediately go to the nearest hospital to receive first aid. If you are alone, then contact the ambulance. Do not even drive yourself in such circumstances.


According to the American Heart Association, smokers have 2-4 times higher risk than nonsmokers.

Not all fats are bad.

Dr. James Carlson, author of “Genocide: How Your Doctor’s Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You” say that diet believed in society now generally was wrong.
He asserts that eating fatty foods do not always make a person so fat. And cholesterol foods has never been proven that it can increase the risk of heart disease.
What is dangerous is food with saturated fat and that contain fatty acids. The content of fatty acids even claimed to be more virulent than trans fats.
Carlson pointed out that the most dangerous things can cause heart disease is actually the change of sugar molecules into cholesterol that can clog arteries. In this case a lot of research prove that the liver convert excess glucose into triglycerides, a class of compounds that are harmful to the heart. This also explains why a diet low in sugar but still eat meat often exhibit decreased levels of LDL and triglycerides.

Sometimes women feel pain on the right side of his chest during an attack.

According to Carlson, this is sometimes makes doctors misdiagnose. Therefore, we need to equip ourself with knowledge. Indeed, doctors know more than us about the health sciences, but it is never mind that you also tell him about what you know or have ever read, because who knows it could help them in making the right diagnosis.

Oral health is very influential on the heart.

Based on the statement of the American Academy of Periodontology, people with gum disease have a 2 times greater get coronary heart disease.
Robert H. Gregg, DDS, founder of Millennium Dental Technologies suggests that gum disease in the oral cavity caused many bacteria that can increase the risk of atheroclerosis (disturbance in the arteries) which often leads to heart disease. So, what to do?! Go to the dentist regularly for check and clean the teeth, brush your teeth after meals and before bed, and clean between teeth with floss as recommended by your doctor, or try laser therapy that is more effective and painless.