Sport can aids stop smoking



For those who want to stop from smoking, exercising regularly can be a surefire strategy. As mentioned in the study in Taiwan.

From research involving 434.190 people in the period between 1996 until 2008, researchers revealed that active smokers by as much as 55 percent have the possibility to be able to stop if they do physical activity regularly.

“Sport can help smokers to quit. And quitting smoking has been proven to significantly reduce health risks, “said CP Wen, from the National Health Research Institute, Taiwan.

Research was also published in the World Congress of Cardiology, mentions that physical activity like sports is not only simply being able to reduce dependence on cigarettes, but also improve the quality of life.

“If a smoker can continue exercising, not only they can stop, but also can reduce the risk of death,” said Wen.

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