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Estrogen can prevent breast cancer recurrence

Very low dose of estrogen might help women who has breast cancer recurrence after treatment. Even if the treatment is intended to prevent estrogen from being tumors, the researchers say, after years of therapy, the body may need to eliminate all of the hormones. Their findings, published in the Journal of the ...Read More

Some facts about hearth disease

Below are some facts about heart disease : Trivial symptoms. Like in the movies, most heart attacks stems from the symptoms that seem trivial, such as pain in the chest, sometimes accompanied by fainting. It is true. So, do not underestimate the chest pain that is coming. Patients experience different attacks. Do ...Read More

The benefit of celery to prevent Leukemia

Meikel Peppelenbosch of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands said the experiment showed that apigenin that found in fruits and vegetables can halt the development of leukemia cells, as quoted by Reuters. Leukemia or blood cancer is a diverse group of neoplastic diseases and is characterized by the development of abnormal ...Read More

Love Traveling, High Risk Got Blood Clots

Experts say that the risk is serious enough, so it is deserve to do some research on how to maintain the health of people who are traveling, although it is not recommended to certify the action by giving passengers anti-clotting drugs. Dr. Divay Chandra and colleagues at Harvard University in Boston specifically ...Read More

Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Marketed

A certification company is open to the possibility Medical cannabis might soon include a kosher seal of approval. The Orthodox Union that provides kosher certification is in early conversations with parties thinking about providing kosher medical-marijuana products, according to the Jewish Daily Forward. In the past, the Orthodox Union has refused to ...Read More

Is Aspirin dangerous for us

Take aspirin regularly may be more dangerous, according to a new study by British scientists. The researchers found that the risk of bleeding from taking aspirin is so big that regular use of these drugs by healthy people can not be advised, although they did not said the usage by patients with ...Read More

What is the danger of lack sleep

Everyone want to be able sleep like babies. However, Many things can cause a person to be lack of sleep, either because of the work is not finished or insomnia. What usually happens when a person lack sleep is he will sleepy on the next day, and get a sense of bad ...Read More

What is the benefits of date

Date contain many substances that are important for the body. This is corroborated by the results of the study. One of them came from nutritionist of Institut Pertanian Bogor Hardisyah. Hardisyah reveal the content of dates is varies . Such as potassium. It has many benefits if consumed regularly. “By eating five ...Read More

What is the benefits of spinach

Spinach, which has the Latin name Spinacia oleracea is actually a flower that was first discovered in Asia. According to the USDA Nutrients, spinach contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, calcium, iron, protein and other minerals. Spinach is also enriched flavonoids, which are very useful for protecting the body ...Read More

What is the nutritions of orange

The nutrition on orange is very much, as quoted in HubPages, it contain as follow : Beta carotene, antioxidants that can fight cancer and protect body cells from damage. Calcium, to protect bones and teeth Folate acid, which provides food for the brain and maintain the development of brain cells Magnesium, to ...Read More