Tips on choosing a lipstick



Do You find a wide range of lip blush or lipstick when choosing cosmetics??. If you are often confused to choose many types of lipsticks, the following tips may can help:

  • Matte: To give the impression of a neat and glamorous, use this type of lipstick. It’s suggested to use color matching lip pencil first, then apply a matte lipstick evenly. Avoid use repeatedly in order to look more natural.It’s not recommended for those with dry lips and chapped.
  • Cream: It’s suitable for those who want to manipulate a small lip becomes more prominent. Use a lip pencil, lip line shape is slightly higher than the original lip line, then drag it slightly with a type of this lipstick, using a special brush. For formal impression, use strong colors, like red, maroon, and dark brown, while Pink, and peaches can accompany casual appearance.
  • Lip Gloss: As a complement to other types of lip blush, such as matte and cream. Lip gloss is also used to moisturize the lips. The difference with a sheer, lip gloss has a more gloss effect.
  • Sheer: This type of lipstick almost has no color, serves to clarify your lip color. In addition to moisturize and give the impression of natural, it also gave little effect on lip gloss. It is suitable if blended with a colored lip pencil, to obtain the desired shades.
  • Frost: likely the same kind with the cream, but with the gloss effect. Have many colors, it’s suitable for use at a formal event in the evening. To give a dramatic impression, use frost lipstick on the top and bottom lip. If wants to get natural impression, apply a thin layer on the bottom lip and then drag it slightly with the top

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