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Coffee can be used to prevent from liver cancer with obesity and alcohol risk

A brand-new report from an ongoing organized evaluation of international research identified that coffee can significantly decrease one’s threat of liver illness. The findings follow a 2013 CUP report that showed coffee might lower endometrial cancer threat, the American Institute for Cancer Research reported. Coffee consists of a number of compounds that ...Read More

How to drink green tea properly

Green tea has long been known as healthy tea for your body. Green tea has a high antioxidant content, accelerate fat burning, prevent bad breath, protect heart health, and even prevent aging properties. That’s why you also regularly drink this tea every day. However, do you drink green tea in the right ...Read More

The best time to drink green tea

The Efficacy of green tea for health has been widely known. Drinking this tea on regularly can reduce weight, fade cholesterol and bad fats, and improve the overall health of the body. But did you know that drinking green tea at the wrong time does not make you get the benefits? Reporting ...Read More

The best way to sit on sofa

Who does not like to sit and laze on the sofa? Especially when accompanied by your favorite foods while looking at a single scene. Do you own often do these activities? Be careful, because this practice was able to bring a myriad of diseases. According to some research, too often sit in ...Read More

How to remove cesarean scar naturally

In addition to a normal give birth, there is caesarian operation. Health reasons are often the background of why women choose to give birth by caesarean way. In addition to the recovery process is longer than a normal give birth, it also leaving cesarean section scar. Well, if you are still dizzy ...Read More

10 things on how to stop hiccups

Hiccup was a disturbing. Because in addition to disrupt your breathing, hiccups are also capable of creating turbulence in the body that can make you feel sick. Therefore you also do a variety of ways to stop it. If the way you normally do not manage to stop the hiccups, Here are ...Read More

How to treat sinus infection naturally

Sinus infections is one of respiratory infection that is so painful. Because it would appear swelling and excessive mucus production around the nose, eyes and cheeks. In addition, this mucus will continue to accumulate, can not flow, and eventually become infectious. Here are how to treat sinus infection naturally as reported from ...Read More

4 natural way to fight baldness

Baldness is the appearance of hair you often can not guess. Until you know that you are getting the hair fall out from time to time. Baldness is able to reduce the level of a person’s self confidence. Therefore, the efforts of hair re-growth is needed. Here are 4 natural way to ...Read More

The best way on how to prevent flu naturally

Flu, colds, and fevers are some health problems that often occur. Especially when the season is being hostile and decreased immunity. Although including the type of disease that is common, does not mean the flu, colds, and fevers can be underestimated. The flu can also make our day is not fun and ...Read More

How to Prevent Flies From Entering Your Home

Who is willing to see the flies drop by our food. Moreover, it is well-known winged animal spent in landfills. Various methods are taken so that the flies away like putting glue flies or hit him with a broom stick. You can try a simple trick so that the flies away and ...Read More