The Types of tea to Lose Weight

types of tea for weight loss

types of tea for weight loss

DURING recent years, tea has been recognized globally as a healthy beverage. Tea is a great beverage that can be beneficial to pep up affect weight control.
Basically tea contains antioxidants, such as tannins and flavonoids, so that each cup can impact good health for your body.
Some types of tea, as quoted from Healthmeup, has an amazing effect to lose weight.

Green tea

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate substances (EGCG) which is useful to regulate the body’s metabolic health.

Oolong tea

This semi-fermented tea helps burn fat that can lower cholesterol levels. Research says this tea has more effect than green tea.

Hibiscus tea

Brewed hibiscus can help absorb fats in the body with the minerals and flavonoids.

Black tea

Researchers say that obesity cases in the high country is very little consumption of black tea. This is because black tea can help regulate the amount of blood sugar, increase metabolism, and burn fat more effectively.

Reishi tea

Reishi tea made ​​from mushrooms and a number of other natural materials. Tea from East Asia has a number of benefits for health, one of which is to lose weight.

Yerba mate tea

Yerba mate, the South American plant is able to slow down the digestive process, so you will not be hungry faster.
Efficacy in improving metabolism and burn more calories, it will not be in vain if added to your diet.

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