Capsiplex reviews: the slimming pills that has proven to weight loss

What is Capsiplex pill

Capsiplex is a diet supplement that contains an ingredient called capsaicin, a naturally compound found in chilli peppers that gives them their heat. It also contains caffeine, niacin and piperine that mostly found in black pepper. So it is 100% natural.

How does Capsiplex work

The product claims that the capsaicin in the pills help stimulates the metabolism so you can burn more calories and reduce body fat.

Does Capsiplex really work

All the claims for Capsiplex are based on one small trial at the University of Oklahoma. In the study, 25 subjects took either a Capsiplex pill or a placebo before exercising. Researchers then monitored the amount of energy they expended and their oxygen consumption and heart rate 60 minutes before exercising, 60-minute during exercising, and 50 minutes after exercising that consisted walking on a treadmill.

The study found that subjects taking the Capsiplex slimming pills burnt three times more calories before exercise, three percent more calories during exercise and 12 times more calories until one hour after exercising. It is approximately 278 calories in total.

What makes Capsiplex excellence

Several slimming supplements include ingredients like cayenne pepper, chilli or capsaicin. However, the manufacturers of Capsiplex say that chilli peppers consumed in the amounts needed for effective calorie burning would considerably irritate the stomach. They say in order to prevent this irritation, many supplements use diluted and ineffective quantities of chilli pepper extract.

Capsiplex differs because the supplements use a special coating system that is designed to withstand the acidity of the stomach. As a result, the capsicum extract bypasses the stomach where it can cause irritation and instead is released directly into the intestine, where no discomfort supposedly felt. If you want to know more and buy Capsiplex you should go to the official website.

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