Sleep Stimulant Foods

Something which make it easier to fall asleep is melatonin hormone. Besides serotonin hormone will also help the body to be more relaxed so that the sleepiness is more easy to come. If you are a kind of people who often fill the night with a variety of snacks, may be it’s the time to try changing your type of snack with this kind of food. Here are some foods that are recommended by Pooja Vig, a Nutrition Experts from The Nutrition Clinic :

  1. Kiwi
    Pooja said that kiwi fruit is a natural melatonin amplifier. Eating two kiwi fruit at dinner can help you sleep better at night
  2. Meat
    Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical hormone that can help you to stay calm and be relaxed. serotonin can be found in high protein foods such as chicken, fish eggs, and nuts. The highest source of tryptophan is in turkey meat. It is the reason why many persons get sleepy after eating meat.
  3. Milk
    If you feel anxious and difficult to close your eyes, try to drink a glass of milk at night. This will help the body more relaxed and sleep will be more soundly. Milk contains a lot tryptophan hormones that can cause drowsiness and helps you sleep better

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