4 natural way to fight baldness



Baldness is the appearance of hair you often can not guess. Until you know that you are getting the hair fall out from time to time.

Baldness is able to reduce the level of a person’s self confidence. Therefore, the efforts of hair re-growth is needed. Here are 4 natural way to fight baldness as reported from care2.com.


The food you eat determines the health of the body as well as your hair. Therefore, choose a diet that is completely healthy. Eat cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, sprouts even able to strengthen your hair because it is rich in silica minerals. In addition, protein foods can also stimulate hair growth because it is rich in iron.

Ginkgo Biloba

Traditional medicine is believed to be beneficial to improve blood circulation to the brain and head. So it is useful to improve hair growth by providing nutrients to the hair follicles.

Green tea

Green tea is rich in natural substance called catechins. This substance is able to stimulate hair growth because it can increase the production of testosterone.

Mint tea

In addition to drinking green tea, drinking mint tea can also grow your hair. Because natural ingredients in it can eliminate toxins cause hair loss.

That’s some of the natural treatments that can be beneficial for your hair grow from baldness.

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