4 Simple Tricks Lower Risk of Breast Cancer



If you are a woman who cares about your health and your friends around you, then do not hesitate to remind them of the dangers of breast cancer. Moreover, in October, is the anniversary month became aware of the dangers of breast cancer.

Everyone can develop this cancer and could risk worse if not addressed promptly and unknown symptoms. To reduce the chance of developing this cancer cells, there are some things you can do, as quoted from the www.health.com.

Do not drink alcohol, or limit their consumption from now

Alcoholic beverages, though only slightly consumption, is believed to have the ability to increase the risk of breast cancer. That is why many doctors recommend to avoid at all sort of drinks of beer, liquor, and wine. Even alcohol has a potential 70% increase in breast cancer risk.

Exercise at least 3 times a week

Physical activity is the best way to burn fat and calories that accumulate in the body. This method is also effective blood circulation and flexibility training. Exercise can help remove toxins in the body, including the potential for developing cancer cells. Exercise also helps to train the performance of the heart become healthier.

Diet, lose weight if obese

Fat, it is definitely detrimental to health if excessive in the body, including breast cancer. So, lose weight and be slimmer. You can start with lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid fried foods.

Make checks

You can check it out yourself, or enlist the help of a doctor to find out there is something wrong with your breasts. You can feel the whole breast by pressing. Whether or not the lump usually indicate abnormal cell growth.

So, do not wait until you got it. Perform preventive measures from now on.

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