7 ways to keep teeth healthy



Even though does not eat and drink more than 12 hours, it is not a guaranteed that your teeth and your mouth will stay healthy. There are several things to keep your teeth and mouth healthy during fasting :

A. Brush your teeth immediately after the meal before you went back to sleep.

2. It’s good to use dental floss (dental floss) to clean up the remnants of food between the teeth, and then gargle with mouthwash afterwards.

3. In the period between break and meal, consume enough water. Drink 8 to 10 glasses.

4. consume vegetables and fruits, especially that contain lots of water.

5. Reduce the intake of cigarettes.

6. Avoid foods that stick like chocolate, cheese, and more. It is feared that the rest of the food will stick between your teeth.

7. Keep to check the teeth to the dentist every 6 months