Bad Habits cause acne



Too Often cleaning the Face
It’s important to have clean skin. However, washing your face too often will only make acne worse. Clean your face twice daily, morning and night before bed.

Too Hard Rubbing Face
rubbing face too hard using towels, tissue, or other means, will cause irritation – and aggravate acne. Use a gentle and soap free cleanser.

No Clean the sweat
After exercise or activity in the sun, the skin will sweat. Do not let the sweat dry. Always wash your face after running sweating activity.

Hold and Squeeze Acne
Avoid both of these activities. Holding the acne will worsen the infection. Squeeze pimples will make your skin wound, and deeper infection. We recommend using the acne medication and let it dry itself.

Get lazy to shampoo
If the scalp is oily, it is advisable to wash your hair every day. This is to avoid perspiration and oils from the scalp to flow into your face and cause acne.

Not Protect Face from Hairdresser Products
Hair spray, gel, mousse and other hair care products should be avoided from the face. These products can close the pores, then causing acne.

Eat fatty foods
Fatty meal can aggravate acne. Avoid junk food as much as possible.

Using Cosmetics Made from Oil
Cosmetics made ​​from ‘oil’ will cause pores clogged . We recommend using cosmetic products labeled “non-comedogenic ‘.

Stopping Acne Treatment
Do not stop treatment of acne in the middle. This will only aggravate acne. Apply treatment until finish.