The benefits of cinnamon

the benefits of cinnamon

the benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is one spice that has many health benefits although The spice is not very popular among teenagers.

In fact, this spice can increase the confidence of youth, why? Chewing cinnamon has been proven to fight bad breath naturally throughout the day. In addition, it also prevent tooth decay.

However, the benefits of chewing cinnamon not only get rid of bad breath, but there are many more. Here’s another benefit of chewing cinnamon as quoted from Gamerfitnation.

Improve the performance of brain

Smelling or tasting cinnamon will stimulate the brain to help improve memory and performance. In addition, chewing cinnamon may also help relieve headaches.

Against acne

Cinnamon can be used as an acne prevention cream. Protect from outside, cinnamon prevent the development of gross blood in the skin and stop it becoming acne.

Reduce muscle soreness

When exercising you often feel pain in the muscles. To reduce the pain, you can put it on the site of pain, thus diminishing the symptoms and do not interfere with the activity.

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