Breathing disorder while sleeping, could make children hyperactive and aggressive



Abnormalities of breathing while sleeping, such as snoring, breathing through the mouth, and sleep apnea, can negatively affect behavior and emotions of children.

Disorders of breathing while sleeping is a set of conditions that can affect the normal breathing when people sleep. The conditions include snoring, breathing through the mouth, and sleep apnea. Abnormalities of breathing while sleeping not only could lead people feeling tired the next day, but it could be bad for health. In children that conditions could lead to the problem of behavior and emotions.

In a new study, a team of researchers asked parents about respiratory problems in their children when they were infants until the age of 6 years, as well as their behaviour when aged between 4 to 7 years. The research involves about 11 thousand children.

Karen Bonuck, from the Einstein College of Medicine in New York who led the research, said, “this research finds that respiratory sleep disorders associated with an increase of 50 percent deviant behaviour.” Problems include hyperactivity, aggressive stance, and other. Bonuck said the more serious respiratory problems, the more serious behavior problems.

It’s estimated that 1 of 10 children are snoring when sleep and a few of children experiencing respiratory problems when sleeping. This research was published in the journal “Pediatrics”.

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