Cataracts, symptom, causes and natural herbal

all about cataract

all about cataract

Cataract is a disease that is cloudy or foggy eye. A healthy eye is usually clear. If the eyes are cloudy, the light path is inhibited and the lens can not focus.Cataract generally arise on Advanced age hardening of the lens due to the inevitable, without any pain or discomfort. Affects more disease in people with diabetes.

The Symptoms of cataracts:

– Vision is not clear, as there is a fog blocking objects.
– Sensitivity to light or light.
– Can see the double in one eye.
– Require bright lighting to be able to read.
– Eyepiece turns into opaque like milk glass.
– See the circle around the light or feel dazzle.
– Decrease in visual acuity.

Causes of cataracts

In many cases, the cause is unknown. This disease usually occurs in the elderly and can be lowered. Cataract formation is accelerated by environmental factors, such as smoking or other toxic materials.

Cataracts can be caused by: eye injury, metabolic disease (such as diabetes), certain drugs (such as corticosteroids). Cataracts in adults is usually associated with the aging process.

Cataracts are grouped into:

– Immature cataracts: lens still has a clear section
– Mature cataracts: the lens is completely cloudy.
– Hipermature cataracts : no part of the lens surface that has seeped through the lens capsule and can cause inflammation of other eye structures. Most lenses rather murky after the age of 60 years.

Other things that affect the occurrence of the disease

– Low blood calcium levels.
– Diabetes
– Long-term corticosteroid use.
– Variety of inflammatory diseases and metabolic diseases.
– Environmental factors (trauma, radiation, ultraviolet light).

The following are some treatments using natural ingredients that you can even find in your kitchen:

Carrot juice

There have been many who know that this one orange vegetable is rich in vitamin A so it is better to treat the eye, is no exception with cataracts. You simply consume one glass of carrot juice every day and prove that you are getting better cataracts.


Eating raw garlic will help reduce suffering cataracts. This is because garlic contains antioxidant ingredients, antibiotics and very good in curing the disease. Just eat 2-3 garlic cloves every day to reduce and cure cataracts slowly.

Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice can also be used as medicine cataracts, the ingredient that is rich in vitamin A is good for the eyes. You may need a blender and a lot of water to make a smooth pumpkin thoroughly. Drink every day once the Ladies.

Eating spinach

Not only the nutrient body, spinach is also very good for the eyes. This is because a lot of spinach contain carotenoids that can help cure cataracts. You can boil a minute and eat as usual. Just two servings per day will help cure the disease.

So, in addition to medical drugs that doctors prescribe, to speed up the healing process, you can apply a natural remedy as above.

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