Creative Food for Vegetable Haters



Even though contains many nutrients, it is common that many people hate vegetable-based menu. If you have a family member who hates vegetables, you can try the creative way of the vegetables as following :

1. Omelet. Enjoy vegetables not must be in the raw state, especially for those who hate vegetables. For this one, mix vegetables into your omelet batter. The composition of the eggs will relieve vegetable flavor.

2. Smoothie. The combination of fruit and vegetables can be an easy solution. If it is difficult to swallow vegetable, you can make variety of fresh juices mixed with fruit. The choice of fresh ingredients or fresh-picked, will add the enjoyment of a glass of smoothie.

3. Mix into a noodle dough. You can make the dough by adding vegetable noodles as a color, such as carrots, spinach, and other green vegetable types. In addition to healthy, noodles will be more attractive with beautiful colors.

4. Make a sauce. You can make the sauce made ​​from a mixture of vegetables. For example, you can add spinach, carrots, and the other as the color of the sauce in baked chicken