Foods that you should replace for your health

Foods that you should replace for your health

Foods that you should replace for your health

Want to stay healthy forever? Pay attention to your diet. If needed, replace your regular meals with snacks substitute consumption that is more healthy as below :

Chocolate milk with dark chocolate

Dark chocolate containing at least 60% cocoa that is a source of antioxidants that can protect cells from damage. Meanwhile, chocolate contained in chocolate milk is not that much. Chocolate will not increase cholesterol. Surveys show that there are positive benefits that affect blood vessels after 2 hours of eating dark chocolate.

White wine with red wine

Compared with white wine, red wine is richer in antioxidants, in this case, especially on the skin of grapes.

Bread flour with bread wheat

As much as possible choose snacks that contain wheat rather than flour, either on bread, cereal, or pasta. Wheat is also efficacious for preventing premature aging. soluble fiber that is usually found in oats and barley is closely linked to low levels of insulin and bad cholesterol, while the insoluble fiber is able to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids or gastrointestinal illness.

Soda with tea

A cup of tea gives your intake of antioxidants for the body than sugar in a can of soda. Green tea, black, and even white are enjoyable when drunk hot or cold. All offer good nutrition for the body.

Sugar with nonfat powdered milk in cake

When making cakes or bread, it’s good if you reduce the consumption of sugar. Wear non-fat powdered milk as his successor. Sugar can cause weight gain, diabetes, and other diseases dangerous cells.

Soda diet with plain water

There is no better beverages than the plain water that can cause you to keep in fresh condition. Water helps the body’s cells in order to work properly. Diet soda is able to quench the thirst, but some health experts are still worried about artificial sweeteners contained in them that can cause cancer.

1/4 serving of meat with fish

Saturated fats that are usually contained in the meat can mess up your blood circulation and cause heart disease. Meat has no fiber which can help the digestive process in the body. While beans chosen because it implies the opposite with meat, high in fiber and contain no saturated fat, and has more protein.

The fish is an ideal source of protein and less saturated fat. Certain types of fish like salmon are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are very important for a person’s heart and brain health.

However, you have to pay attention to where the fish originated because some fish have been contaminated. Choose salmon that is fished from the wild, it is better than large ones in captivity.

As for the consumption of tuna, limit at least once a week. If you are pregnant then you should consult with your doctor about what fish should be consumed and avoided.

Yogurt with low/non-fat yogurt

Foods that are rich in milk that is a source of calcium and vitamin D is good because it can prevent the bone from porous. However, milk fat is usually found in milk, cheese, and yogurt can lead to clogged arteries. Replace milk, cheese, or yogurt with a low or fat-free one.

A bag of potato chips with apple slices

Apples contain no fat, rich in fiber and antioxidants. Whereas a bag of potato chips contain iil, calories, and salt.