Fruit and Vegetable to Clean Digestive System



The digestive system is the organ that is most important, because the effect on other organ systems. To maintain a healthy digestive system, eat some fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients essential to cleanse the stomach of useless bacteria.

Actually, maintain a healthy digestive system not only cleans the bacteria in the stomach. But also liver and intestine. Here are some of the fruits and vegetables you need to eat to maintain a healthy digestive system as quoted from Boldsky.


Tomatoes are the best foods to cleanse the stomach of useless bacteria that will improve your digestive health. This is because tomatoes contain lycopene which work as antioxidants in the body to fight viruses and bacteria.


Carrots are vegetables rich in vitamin A which will keep your digestive health. In addition, you will be got healthier digestion by eating carrots, because these vegetables also contain minerals that help clean the bacteria in the stomach.

Avocado and berry

Avocado is a fruit that is most effective in letting cleanse the bowel of bacteria useless. The fruit is green to ward off any form of infection in the stomach because it contains vitamins C, A and B1. Meanwhile, taking a pretty berry fruit will also help cleanse the bowel of bacteria is not useful because it contains antioxidants and low in sugar.

Citrus fruits

Orange is a fruit that contains acids that dissolve in water, so it helps the stomach digest food better. In addition, soluble acid contained in citrus also helps the intestine absorb nutrients better during the process of digestion.

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