What You Should Do To Not Get Sick Easily


what should you do not to get sick

Get sick is one of the most uncomfortable experiences. Although only suffering from flu or fever, limp body state, eating and sleeping uncomfortable, certainly make you pretty miserable.

Therefore, you should prevent any disease coming at you. One of the most powerful way is to increase your body’s immunity in a manner that was launched womenshealthmag.com. There are some ways to increase your body’s immunity :

Enough sleep

People who get enough sleep have antibodies that are more powerful than those with irregular sleep or lack of sleep. In addition, getting enough sleep also reduces the stress that can disrupt your immunity.


Regular exercise can make the body healthy and strong. However, too much exercise can also cause the opposite effect. Perform moderate intensity exercise on a regular basis in order to increase the immune system.

Picky makeup

Massage for 20 minutes on a regular basis not only makes the fatigue and aches in your body disappear. Massage can also reduce the stress hormone cortisol and boost your immune system so it does not get sick.

Prevention is better than cure, right? Let’s boost the immune system in the body so that the disease is far from yourself.

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