Healthy Breakfast Menu to Weight Loss



No breakfast is not the right way to lose weight, even it can put us at risk with a variety of diseases. With a healthy breakfast you can lose weight while staying healthy and energized. Many people often skip breakfast because in a hurry or want to lose weight. Yet often no breakfast can be harmful to the heart. People who skip breakfast are more likely to eat snacks or sweet foods that may have fiber, vitamins and minerals low. So, no breakfast will not cause losing weight but it triggers obesity, cholesterol and diabetes.

Here are some healthy breakfast that can help us lose weight :

Sweet brown rice
Sweet brown rice can provide grains nutrition and fiber that will make us a full long time. Cook brown rice in the night, and eat it for breakfast, it is also very good to add a little honey and chopped apple.

Tuna toast
Cooking tuna toast is a bit complicated, but if you want a healthy breakfast as well as lose weight, these foods can be one of the best options. Try to change cooking toast with cheese or butter, replace it with a little tuna mixed with low-fat mayonnaise.

Eat boiled egg whites
Boiled egg is one of protein source that will make us full for a long time. If we want to reduce cholesterol, we can eat egg whites only. For other egg breakfast options, try to make an egg omelet with fat-free cheese mixture, spinach and tomatoes

Low fat and high calcium milk
Low-fat milk and high in calcium are also a healthy choice for breakfast. Calcium and vitamin D in cow’s milk formula is very important to help us lose weight

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