Healthy Tips for Dust Allergy Sufferers

Dust Allergic

Dust Allergic

For them who are allergic to dust, the selection of the location for leisure becomes important. So, how do people who are allergic to dust can be comfortable when relaxing? Here is the ways :

1. Should cover air conditioner vents with a cloth. Clean the filter regularly.

2. Wash sheets and pillowcases once a week. It is intended that the dust for days does not cause allergic re-emerged.

3. Make sure the windows facing directly onto the street is closed. If you use air conditioning, choose AC that is as air circulation.

4. Remain indoors when the weather was hot, dry and windy, because at that moment is a time where the level of dust in the air is high.

5. Avoid drying clothes outdoors. You can hang clothes in the room with asbestos.

6. After outdoor activities, take a bath and wash your hair to remove the dust. Afterwards change your clothes with a clean dressing