How to be healthy in the old



The following information is a few ways to keep the body fresh in the old age.

1. Keeping a diet. Perform a protein-rich diet, eat foods such as green vegetables, red meats, whole grains, and fruits.

2. Sport. Choose the type of exercise with mild to moderate intensity. Such as cycling, yoga, and other forms of stretching.

3. Perform a variety of activities. Although you are no longer working, you should keep your brain in order to continue to play its role. Do something that makes the brain remains active thinking.

4. Be careful when sitting. Sitting carelessly will only make you more susceptible to back pain.

5. Maintain dental hygiene by brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

6. reduce or quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

7. After a day of activity, sleep enough. Sleep is needed by the body to release growth hormone as a replacement of damaged cells