How to care baby food appliance



Here are some tips on caring for baby food appliance, so that the food you give more qualified :

1. Use clean utensils. Also choose a blunt cutlery, easily grasped, does not contain hazardous materials, and also has an attractive color.

2. Never store leftover baby food, because the food contained on the plate is mixed with saliva that allows it to be the growth of bacteria.

3. Take baby food with a special spoon. Do not mix it with the spoon to feed the baby.

4. Never leave food that has not been cooked or already cooked more than 1 hour.

5. Prepared meals can be stored in the refrigerator up to 24 hours.

6. After use, re-clean tableware using dishwashing soap special for baby. Use dishwashing sponge that is in good condition. Before storing, dry with a soft cloth and store in a sealed container