How to cook fish so its healthy and delicious



It is not new information that the consumption of fish can be beneficial for health. A number of fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Eating fish can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, until Alzheimer’s.

Recent research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine states that those who eat fish regularly have larger brain volume, a function related to memory and cognition. However, how to process it so that we can benefit most from eating fish?

The study was conducted with the consumption of fish are baked, not fried fish. Materials fried foods higher in calories than foods that are baked, steamed, or boiled.

For example, in the 12 shrimp fried contains 280 calories, while 12 shrimp were boiled or baked only 85 calories. However, if concerned with the taste of food and convenience, many choose to process fish by frying.

If the healthy choice, the consumption of grilled fish with a delicious flavor can also be done. Here are some ways to make baked or boiled fish that still have a delicious flavor when eaten.

Here are how to cook fish so its healthy and delicious

Use good fats

Before cooking, clean the fish and rub with olive oil or coconut oil. Can also be dried tomato, roasted red pepper, or basil. Once cooked, sprinkle on top with sliced avocado, nuts, or one tablespoon of olive.

Add herbs and spices

Make a concoction of herbs and spices. For example, squeeze of lime, and make seasoning with coriander and pepper. Can also with chopped garlic, mixed with grated ginger, turmeric powder, and red pepper.

To be more fresh, can also use lemon juice, including the crust, the collision garlic, parsley, and black pepper. A mixture of garlic, black pepper, and cayenne pepper also ideal if you like a spicy flavor.

Mixed with other foods

Once the fish is finished baking, serve the fish with other healthy foods, such as stir-fry vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes, rice, lettuce, and sweet potatoes. These foods make the taste of the fish became less dominant.

Refrigerate fish

Fish can also be served cold. Once cooked and cooled, mix in a salad containing vegetables. Be foods are known as a seafood salad.

Add another dish

Once baked or boiled, add the dish, such as soup, sauteed vegetables, and boiled foods. Fish also can be mixed directly into a bowl of soup so that it becomes a fish soup. Do not forget to mix with natural seasonings to taste.

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