How to prevent body odor



Body odor is caused by the sweat that can not evaporate into the air as trapped by the parts of our body for example, armpit, which were seized with the bacteria causing body odor. The following are tips to prevent body odor :

  1. Choose your clothes carefully
    Tight clothing and synthetic manifold causes more sweat than regular clothes. So wear loose clothes that are made of cotton.
  2. Use deodorants and anti-perspirants
    anti-perspirants contain aluminum salts which can reduce sweating by closing the channel sweat.
    Deodorants contains an antiseptic to fight bacteria. It can help reduce odor but does not reduce sweat.
  3. Keep clean
    Bath regularly is the most important thing to reduce body odor.
  4. Avoid hot drinks
    Hot drinks can increase body heat and increase perspiration. So if you are worried about your body odor, it’s good to get used to drinking cold water.
  5. Use perfume
    Perfume may not be able to reduce the body sweat, but they will help when we get body odor.

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