How to prevent from kidney failure



Someone who has symptoms of kidney disease do not need to worry. he can still lived well as normal people. In fact, it is recommended to stick with regular exercise and eat a reasonable diet.
To avoid damage to the kidneys, do the following :

  1. Sport
    Perform regular exercise. Regular exercises, not too heavy-going are more positive impact on body weight compared with exercises but not regular. For example you could do brisk walking every morning or cycling 1-2 hours per week
  2. Stop Smoking
    Seen from any vantage, smoking is detrimental to our body. Because cigarettes with nicotine can damage vital organs of our body in the future, both lungs, skin, heart and kidney.
  3. Reduce the fatty foods
    Fatty foods will increases cholesterol in our blood
  4. Weight
    Watch our weight so we can avoid obesity
  5. Drink more plain water
    Consuming enough water, avoid the consumption of herbs or herbal or drugs without prescription is a simple thing we can do to reduce the potential emergence of kidney disease
  6. General Checkup
    Kidney failure can also be prevented through medical examination (medical checkup) on a regular basis, including urine and blood. Examined kidney disorders such as bladder stones, prostate can prevents the emergence of renal failure

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