How to solve Nausea While Pregnant



Every mother would want sufficient nutrients to the fetus during pregnancy. However, some prospective mothers experiencing barriers to provide nutritional intake during pregnancy. The most common problem is the presence of symptoms of nausea and vomiting. How to overcome this?

Don’t rush up
When wake-up, mothers do not rush immediately depart from the bed. Sit down for a moment and then stand.

The selection of food
Select foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates and protein which could overcome nausea.

A little but often
Any diet can be set to reduce the nausea, namely by reducing the portion of the meal, but the frequency of eat need to be improved.

Reduce eating spicy
Well, for mothers who hooked a spicy, reduce the consumption of  spicy food. Especially for those who like spicy and greasy food.

Reduce coffee
For those who like to consume coffee, it is recommended to replace your favorite drink. If you want more drinks, delicious juice can be substituted with.

Ginger can be a loyal friend in the first trimester of pregnancy. A research in Australia shows that consume ginger while pregnant is able to reduce the nausea. Ginger’s own proven safe consumed while pregnant and do not harm the fetus. Ginger consumption also to taste MOM. Ginger would greatly favour if brewed by warm water plus a little sugar rocks. Very good if combined with crackers as a friend drinking ginger. Biscuits containing carbohydrates is also able to reduce the nausea. Well, the mother can also consume ginger by way of practical, i.e. with chewing or chewing on ginger candy.

Don’t be stress
This condition can interfere with pregnancy. The Moms advised to always think positive and trying to keep enough nutrients to satisfy the fetus. Therefore, the child is the most precious asset. Thus, the provision of good nutrition is going to be good for the child.

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