10 things on how to stop hiccups



Hiccup was a disturbing. Because in addition to disrupt your breathing, hiccups are also capable of creating turbulence in the body that can make you feel sick. Therefore you also do a variety of ways to stop it.

If the way you normally do not manage to stop the hiccups, Here are 10 ways alternatively on how to stop hiccups :

Eating sugar

Eating sugar is a simple solution that you can do to stop the hiccups. The trick is to put sugar on the tip of the tongue.

Closing the ear

Some medical practitioners say that cover the ears is a brilliant way to get rid of hiccups. Because when you close the ears it will suppress the vagus nerve in the hearing which causes hiccups intensity decreases.


Rinsing with water is also a way that you can to calm the vagus nerve grooves that make you hiccup.

Eating acidic

Eat something sour will have an impact on the phrenic nerve that was also able to stop hiccups.

Drinking honey

In addition to sugar, other sweet foods that made from honey is also an effective way to stop hiccups. When you drink it with warm water, then you will tingle the vagus nerve, causing the hiccups stop

Drinking water with a straw

Drinking water with a straw will cause strain on your diaphragm so that the phrenic nerve and vagus depressed which causes hiccups stop.

Hold your breath

Holding your breath is the most common method to stop the hiccups. The trick is to take a deep breath and cover your nose and mouth at least 30 seconds to stop the hiccups.

Eating antacid tablets

Tablets containing altasid are able to stop the hiccups. Because the calcium content in it has the ability to calm the nerves in the body.

Eat slowly

Eating food slowly is a simple technique to stop hiccups. Because eating this way will make you chew food properly and stop the hiccups.

Do not overeat

Excessive eating will only cause a lot of pressure on your vagus nerve system and make it difficult to stop hiccups.

Hiccups are annoying it can be alleviated by means of the above.

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