How to treat sinus infection naturally



Sinus infections is one of respiratory infection that is so painful. Because it would appear swelling and excessive mucus production around the nose, eyes and cheeks. In addition, this mucus will continue to accumulate, can not flow, and eventually become infectious.

Here are how to treat sinus infection naturally as reported from

Eat healthy foods

When someone was suffering from a sinus infection, avoid the consumption of all kinds of food that is able to aggravate your illness. Examples are dairy products, oily foods, eggs, chocolate, and artificial sweetened foods. Instead, drink plenty of water and the consumption of foods containing fiber.

Increase consumption of spices

In addition to eating healthy food, multiply the consumption of spices. Because the herb itself contains a natural substance that is able to launch your respiratory system. One of them is garlic which are found in warm soup.

Inhaling steam

Steam inhalation of warm water mixed with sea salt able to relieve your throat. Additionally, this herb can also turn off the virus that causes the infection.

Drinking apple cider vinegar

Not many know that drinking warm water mixed with apple vinegar can relieve your throat.

Eat Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract high antibiotic substances in it that can kill the bacteria that cause sinus. Therefore, in addition to eat grape seed you can also breathe spray containing grape seed extract.

At the rainy season, many emerging respiratory disease that can end up with a sinus infection. Therefore, the tips above you can try to treat sinus infections are easily and naturally.

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