Let Us Know 4 Facts About Caffeine



You might be a coffee lover, or even do not drink coffee at all for several reasons. Many people said the coffee was not good, but some are saying that caffeine also has health benefits.

Well, as the pros and cons of this, according healthmeup.com, there are some things you need to know about caffeine, they are some facts about caffeine.

Caffeine helps to increase concentration

A study showed that caffeine consumption is quite every day, can increase alertness and focus of someone in work. But this does not happen if you overload the caffeine. Drinking lots of coffee does not increase the concentration, but instead have a negative impact on health.

Caffeine helps sports

Positively, drinking coffee can improve the performance of physical exercise such as running and cycling. However, this does not affect anything if you do some sort of exercise weights. Plus the coffee’s ability to burn calories and body fat.

Coffee prevents drowsiness

Caffeine is reacting very well keep you awake, because caffeine can ‘deceive’ the brain and makes you feel constantly alert. Caffeine has the ability to netralize adenosine to prevent fatigue and make you feel more refreshed. But of course this can not be carried on because your brain also needs a rest.

Coffee helps treat Parkinson’s

The caffeine in coffee is directly react on the nerves of the brain. And this turns out to also affect the likelihood of neurological diseases. Research shows that drinking coffee about 600 mg per day may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s. This is because caffeine triggers the production of dopamine in the brain.

So, there it is a few facts about caffeine that you need to know. But that does not mean you can drink it every hour. Consumption in moderation may be beneficial to health.

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