Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Marketed

A certification company is open to the possibility

Medical cannabis might soon include a kosher seal of approval.



The Orthodox Union that provides kosher certification is in early conversations with parties thinking about providing kosher medical-marijuana products, according to the Jewish Daily Forward.

In the past, the Orthodox Union has refused to license cigarettes and e-cigarettes because of their clear health dangers, but Rabbi Moshe Elefant, who leads kosher certification at the Orthodox Union, said it “would not have a problem” certifying medical cannabis considering that it has health advantages.

Considering that cannabis is a plant, it would appear that the accreditation would not be needed. However in New york city State, where medical cannabis will go on sale next year, cannabis could be distributed in other kinds like edible compounds and pills, which would require a kosher seal. Lots of Orthodox rabbis are still highly versus its use.

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