Natural Oils for Hair Health



Many people spend a lot of money to do the hair care in salon. Besides, they also buy a wide range of treatment products to solve a variety of hair problems.

Actually there are more ways we can do for treating hair with little money, by using natural ingredients. As reported by the All Women Stalk, there are 7 natural oils for healthy hair that can be used :

Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is one of the best natural oil for the hair. In addition to fragrance, this oil can also make us become more calm and relaxed. it is suitable for all hair types. It can prevent hair lossby counteract the excess oil in hair. Rub it into your head and massage the scalp gently.

Rosemary oil
One of the very useful natural hair care rosemary oil. In addition to fragrance, it also has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-virus for all skin conditions. The oil can also helps the thin hair to get more hair.

Castor oil
Castor oil is an oil derived from castor beans. The usefulness of this oil is that it can keep hair shiny and more powerful. Not only that, castor oil is also beneficial for growth hair, nails and eyelashes. For hair growth, rub castor oil into the scalp and massage gently.

Sage oil
For those who want to cover white hair in a natural is by using sage oil. This oil can change the color into black. it is also known for anti-fungal, antibacterial and able to make hair grow naturally. Hair becomes more shiny and healthy. For maximum results, mix it with other oils to create natural hair care.

Carrot seed oil
Carrot seed oil is helpful for improving the condition of dry skin. Use the oil and massage into the scalp to moisturize, it can improve the growth and repair damage to the hair.

Basil Oil
Basil oil helps you have a stable growth of hair. If the basil oil is used regularly, the results could improve the condition of the scalp to become more healthy and balanced for optimal hair growth.

Jojoba oil
This oil is one ingredient that is often found in hair care products. This oil is useful for preventing the loss of moisture from the hair follicle. The oil can also reduce clutter and prevent hair branching.