Prenatal Massage, Is it safe?

Prenatal Massage Is it safe

Prenatal Massage Is it safe

Aches or back pain due to pregnancy is normal. The bigger the pregnancy, the more often get grievances. It relates to the growing fetus, so the load of fore stomach be greater and the muscles supporting the spine be stretched. These circumstances led to ache more often.

What about massage your back area? Is it true that will affect the shape of the baby face?. The massage of that area is actually no problem at all, it doesn’t affect the shape of baby face. Because, in anatomy, the baby is in the womb which is equipped with the amniotic fluid. Which one of its functions is to resist external shocks.

In addition, womb is covered with spine and it’s muscles. By doing so, pregnant women do not have to worry about a back massage area that will affect the baby’s face.

One thing that must be avoided is a stomach massage. That abdominal massage is dangerous, because it can cause the release of placenta and it’s attachment in the uterus. It can cause fetal distress and often cause death of the fetus in the womb (IUFD / Intra Uterine Fetal Death).