The recipe of black cumin for healthy

black cumin recipe for healthy

black cumin recipe for healthy

You may have often about Habbatussauda or black cumin. These natural ingredients that are widely available in stores has a myriad of health benefits.

Generally, cumin is used as a condiment and food preservative. However, for health, cumin helpful to eliminate bacteria, cholesterol and destroy cancer cells. Here’s another benefit of black cumin for health, as reported by Gulf News, Wednesday (24/09/2014).


Mix one teaspoon of black cumin oil into boiling water to inhale the vapors, twice a day, to help treat asthma.


Tea and coffee lovers can add half a teaspoon of black seed oil to drink daily, to avoid a dry cough usually caused by the caffeine in tea or coffee.

Postoperative Care

Tested in the field of trauma post-surgery, cumin found to protect the peritoneal surface (the membrane lining the walls of the abdominal cavity) of scar tissue or adhesions on the membrane.

High cholesterol

Mix 2.5 ml of black seed oil in a cup of hot milk and drink every day to dissolve body fat, reduce cholesterol, and dilate blood vessels and arteries.

Hair loss and headaches

Apply black seed oil to the scalp after washing it with shampoo to reduce hair loss and premature gray hair. The oil can also be applied to the forehead and sides of face adjacent to the ears to cure headaches and ear pain.

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