Recognize The Early Symptoms And How To Prevent Pneumonia



Life in the city is often very difficult, because the air pollution everywhere. Not only polluting fumes, but also smoke and industrial pollution exacerbate existing air quality around you. This is necessary because this may increase your risk of developing pneumonia.

Pnumonia, based on, is one infection that causes inflammation in the lungs. Although it can be treated properly, but pneumonia can be very difficult and life-threatening, especially to small children, the elderly and those with other chronic health problems.

The lungs are vital organs that can be categorized if infected, can be very disturbing activities and your life as a whole because of the organ that you hang on your breath. If you happen to have another disease that is dangerous or congenital disease that often recurs, pneumonia doubled seriously needs to be addressed.

Symptoms that can be seen and felt such as cough, fever, fatigue and nausea. However, these symptoms can also occur in several other diseases. So one thing you need to do before the pneumonia is prevented.

Some ways you can do such as keeping the house and the surrounding environment. Ranging from small habits like diligent hand washing before and after doing something, shut your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing, and wearing a mask while in the polluted area.

Not smoking is also one very good way to keep your body healthy, especially lung cancer. So, before the disease attack, aware of the cleanliness and health of your lungs from now yes.

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