Revealed, The Causes of Baby Prickly Sweat



Prickly sweat is a rash that can develop after people sweat more than usual, while the clogged sweat glands.

This often occurs in infants and children because their sweat glands are not fully developed.

The Causes of Baby Prickly Sweat

Prickly heat causes a rash of small red spots that itch and sting. Prickly heat usually appear on parts of the body covered by clothing, such as the back, abdomen, neck, upper chest, groin, or armpits.

Prickly heat usually goes away by itself within a few days. However, in serious cases of heat rash can interfere with the mechanisms that regulate the body’s heat and cause serious problems such as ‘heat exhaustion’.

Prickly heat begins with excessive perspiration condition, usually in a hot and humid environment. Excessive sweat makes dead skin cells and bacteria on the skin to block the sweat glands and sweat trapped under the skin.

Trapped sweat makes small bumps which when broken will cause pain and stinging. Prickly heat rash is characterized by itchy and terrace anger as hot as fire.

Prickly heat is not lost on its own within a few days. Infection can develop in the area of prickly heat. In many cases, heat rash goes away by itself within a few days if the affected area remain cool and dry.

Avoid excessive heat and regulate skin moisture, to cool off under the air conditioner, cold shower and dry skin in the open air or a fan, wear loose clothing that absorbs sweat to prevent excessive sweat and prickly heat.

Once cooled and dry skin, do not use the oily skin product, which might block your sweat glands. Calamine lotion and / or hydrocortisone cream can reduce itching and irritation.

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