The cause of brain freeze – 10 thing that can lower your brain



You often do not realize that your lifestyle habits able to give a great impact on your mental health. Though mental health plays an important role for all organs in the body to function healthily. Because the brain is responsible for coordinating multiple systems of the body internally.

Reporting from, Here are The cause of brain freeze that can lower your intelligence:

Too much sleep

Sleep is good for your health. But too much sleep to take more than 9 hours a day can lower the body’s health, especially mental health. Because medical studies have proven that too much sleep will cause your depression.


Drinking alcohol is able to endanger the health of your body including your mental health. For most people who drink too much alcohol will experience memory problems related to the brain and cause depression.

Lack of exercise

Exercise is beneficial to increase the body overall health, including your mental health. So when you’re out exercising then you will be prone to stress and leads to mental illness.


Stress is a mental disorder that is the fastest to lower your brain health. It is therefore important for you to manage stress well so as not to impact the health of your brain.


Smoking can lower mental health. Too much smoking will interfere with the normal functioning of the brain cells, lose the memory, as well as interfere with mental health.


Drugs are the worst external factors that can lower your brain health. Because drugs are full of chemicals that will actually increase your anxiety and depression.

Lack of sleep

Too much sleep is harmful to brain health. But lack of sleep is also able to lower your brain health. Lack of sleep alone can increase your depression and anxiety.

Lack of innovation

Innovation is an important process for improving brain health. Because then your brain is triggered to continue work that ultimately make your brain sharper. But if you are lazy to think and innovate then your brain health will decline.

Poor diet

Having a poor diet by eating too many fried foods or fatty foods can lower your mental health. Because the food is not at all provide nutrients to the brain. Therefore if you wish to keep your brain sharp, then multiply the consumption of healthy foods.

Poor social life

Not many people know that poor social life can lower the ability of your brain. Because it will burden your mind with negative things and the more damage the health of your brain.

That’s some of the causes of the deterioration of mental health as well as your brain. If you wish to keep your brain sharp and mental health remains good, stay away from it and apply a healthy lifestyle in your life.

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